About/Contact Info

This website is dedicated to hip hop! Stay up to date with the latest music/videos as well as some classic hip hop. Our website has been recognised by various well known celebrities/companies. The likes of Meek Mill, The Game, Rita Ora, Live Nation, Waka Flocka Flame, DJ Khaled, Mo Farah, Tim Westwood and many more have either retweeted GotThatHipHop or followed us on Twitter.

Welcome to the home of Hip Hop.

Jason Basra (Founder/Owner)

Danny Basra (Co-Founder)

Arjun Kooner (Co-Founder)

Sunny Gill (Street Team/Promoting Director)

Get In Contact With Us Whether Your An Artist, Producer, Promoter Or A Fan Of The Website.

Email: gotthathiphop@gmail.com
Twitter: @GotThatHipHop
Vine:  GotThatHipHop
Instagram: GotThatHipHop
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/GotThatHipHop

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